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Management and Specialized Traceability in Sterilization Plants

Course of Management and Traceability with the purpose of giving them to know the attending Physicians and Nurses, the importance that should be granted to the Sterilization Centers; from the construction of an organized flow and layout within the Central to the digitalization of the documentation with which we work daily in order to manage an adequate and orderly process in the handling of surgical instruments, thus avoiding obsolete stationary with the one that is currently working.

  Status planned


Target Group Medical Doctor / Clinical Specialist
OR / Nursing / CSSD Staff

Language English


This course is still in planning and therefore we are unable to accept any bookings at this point.

If you would like to be informed about new dates and locations for this course, send us a request. We will send you an e-mail as soon as there are new offers.

Process Safety

We appreciate your interest for this course.
Please note that you cannot register online for this event. We kindly ask you to contact your employer who will able to inform you about the registration process after consulting the local B. Braun contact person.


Romy Mayta
B. Braun Medical Peru
Correo electrónico

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Romy Mayta
B. Braun Medical Peru
Correo electrónico

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